Featured Image for New art by Chris Roberts-Antieau

New art by Chris Roberts-Antieau

Chris Roberts-Antieau began her career in art by walking out of an art class and it wasn’t kickstarted again until her son was born and her resulting fascination with his raw, child-like vision. A few years later, it became her hallmark, composed from freehand-cut cloth shapes. She then uses the sewing machine as a drawing tool to define the borders of her figures with a beautiful, almost invisible satin-stitch, and she finishes her pieces with hand- embroidery work. Her ‘fabric paintings’ don’t just mimic a child’s style, however. She applies a child’s eye to adult realities, reminding viewers not to take themselves too seriously, and giving them a chance to remember again the wonder and joy that children find in the everyday.

About the author

A love of traveling, art, and denim saw this Brit native mix them all up. The result was art crafted from denim and a new home in Sweden. Even though he once lived in Australia and never rode a wave, Denimu is only slightly better with a keyboard and likes to write about the things he has seen on his travels and the people he meets along the way.

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