Featured Image for Deep Creek Hot Springs in San Bernadino National Forest

Deep Creek Hot Springs in San Bernadino National Forest

The gorgeous Deep Creek Hot Springs are located at the base of a very steep 2.5 mile hiking trail in the San Bernardino National Forest, just outside of Hesperia in Southern California. They can also be accessed via a 6 mile hike along the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). About a 2 hour drive east from LA, this Oasis makes for the perfect day trip escape, if you don’t mind nudity. There are 5 hot springs of varying temperatures and a glorious cool creek that you have to wade across at the end of that steep hike. Once you get down there, it’s hard to come back. Deep Creek is like an alternate nudist universe. The ease and comfort of the people one meets down there are powerful enough to get even the most bashful down to at least their skivvies.

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