Choy Lin: new music by Sydney band Fishing

Until a couple of months ago, I’d never heard of Fishing, a collaboration between two guys from the Blue Mountains. That was until one night at Sydney’s Metro Theatre when I was sucked into their wild electronic, Gameboy-esque sounds, with some “white-rap” thrown in for good measure. So it’s with great excitement that I find Fishing have dropped a new track, Choy Lin. This song has the qualities that I’ve come to love in Fishing’s music: Start/stop hazy vocals, off-kilter beats, yearning synths. I’m hooked. Reel me in.

About the author

Cormack is a young writer/photographer from Newcastle who shot his first music festival at age fifteen. When he’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find him stumbling around gigs in Sydney and Newcastle or soaking up culture and coffee in Melbourne.