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Galaxify! Write messages using real galaxies as font

Who says you can’t write your name with galaxies?! This stellar website (pun intended) writes messages in real galaxies in the form of the alphabet. Each galaxy that resembles a letter is generated according to the message the user wants to ‘galaxify’. Users can generate different combinations of galaxies to best resemble their phrase. Once generated, users can save the image and look at what galaxies were used in the image. I’ve used Lost At E Minor as an example for the galaxy images. Now go Galaxify! 

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Though residing in the renowned tourist spot of fancy lights and buildings, Las Vegas, should be interesting, Demi knows it’s just another ordinary home with frustrating, forever-shifting weather. Meanwhile, she tries to find a caprice of clear senses. She might blog about it all at DesignCube or simply rest her eyes within the phosphenes.

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Conversant Media, publishers of Lost At E Minor, is looking for an exceptional Managing Editor with proven strategic vision and endless energy to drive editorial, social and video initiatives and manage an extensive team of writers and editors on Australia’s leading sports opinion website, The Roar. The position is based in Surry Hills, Sydney. For more information, or to apply for this position, go here NOW!.