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Review of my cat

Cats, reviewed by their owners according to appearance (e.g. ‘I think she’s pretty the way a father finds his unsightly daughter pretty…’), sociability (e.g. ‘Gus loves to be social. At 3 in the morning. By screaming outside your door like a banshee haunting.’), usefulness (e.g. ‘Henry does nothing. ever. He’s good at mowing the lawn while i garden and then throwing it up as soon as we come back inside.’) and huggability (e.g. ‘… accepts it immediately and rejects it shortly thereafter’). So good that there’s even an (unaffiliated) spinoff for dogs, obviously called Review of my Dog

About the author

Low Lai Chow travels light and is working on exercising demons from her past. Find out more about her at lowlaichow.com.

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