Featured Image for Kim Gordon’s designer cast-offs for sale

Kim Gordon’s designer cast-offs for sale

For more than three decades, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has embodied art-rock cool. Now, anyone with a couple hundred dollars can buy the clothes off her back. Mercy Vintage Now, a small shop in Oakland, Calif., got the opportunity to sell Gordon’s designer cast-offs, thanks to a personal connection to Gordon’s housemate, poet and musician, Elaine Kahn, of 50 Foot Women and Horse Bladder. Offered online, the clothes generally have a Summer of Love vibe—like the psychedelic Miu Miu shift Gorodon sported at the 2005 ArthurFest and teal lace-trimmed Mayle dress she wore in the 2006 “Incinerate” video. However, only a few pieces were “true” vintage: A ’50s fur shrug, and a downright dowdy ’70s blouse, gifted to Gordon by Vincent Gallo. Read more about the opening-night preview of Kim Gordon’s closet at Collectors Weekly.

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