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Mobile street photography by Misho Baranovic

We sometimes take our mobile phones for granted, but we all know that this little device can actually do more. I recently discovered Misho Baranovic, a Melbourne-based mobile photographer who is utilizing his mobile phone to its full potential. 

He is interested in how mobile photography can be used for community building, in particular, helping people understand and express their relationship with the urban environment. Looking at his work, you could easily tell what he’s trying to accomplish. The guy is extremely talented and his work has been exhibited internationally. His most recent accomplishment was in 2011, when he held his first solo exhibition, New Melbourne, at the Matt Irwin Gallery in Melbourne.

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Darwin is a Melbourne-based marketing and sales professional. He has a penchant for coffee, New York bagels, and zombies. His other interests include music, modern art, smart comedy and films.

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