Virtual reality cooking simulator for aspiring chefs

We always knew interactive 3D holograms would be in the future, and now the future is here. The Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a cooking simulator for aspiring chefs so they can hone their cooking skills without the use of real food. Virtual ingredients are projected onto a frying pan for chefs to stir, and the virtual food moves and changes color as it would in a real frying pan. The simulator also replicates the weight of the food in the pan, so chefs can have a more life-like experience. Now, if only you could smell your virtual culinary creations.

About the author

Rebekah is a graphic design student living in South Carolina obsessed with all things design, technology, and J. Crew. When she’s not frantically working on projects for class, you can usually find her drinking large amounts of coffee with her laptop close beside.

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