There’s a Lonely Road to Sunday Night by Ciudad

Ciudad is comprised of Mikey Amistoso, Justin Sunico, and Mitch Singson. Because of their catchy and giddy lyrics and tunes, they are often referred to as a bubblegum rock group or a nerd pop band. Fresh from their latest album, Follow the Leader, here comes an endearing music video for their single, There’s a Lonely Road to Sunday Night. The song was recently featured in an independent film by Marie Jamora, Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There). The music video, directed by Ramon de Veyra, features the cast of the film. Ang Nawawala opens in selected theaters in Manila, starting September 12.

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Erin a marveller of non-sequitur writing, cinematic films, and analogue photography. She writes for fun, money, and thrill. She has a soft spot for cats, tattooed men, and tattooed men who likes cats. Follow her on Twitter at @basterda.

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