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Moby’s Los Angeles Architecture Blog

Moby, the musician who needs no introduction, has a six-month old photo blog with snaps of ‘strange and beautiful architecture in Los Angeles’ with some of his signature mutterings that are quite entertaining to read. For instance, he says of one building: ‘it’s a box (or, technically, a composite of boxes).not a bad box, not a particularly good box, just a box.maybe it has a few interesting lines. but, essentially, it’s a box(es).’ So why the project? As he put it, ‘most cities have beautiful architecture that is prominently displayed and relatively easy to find… the most beautiful architecture in l.a is hidden on tiny streets that very few people will ever see.’. He’s right: these buildings are beautiful as much as they are strange.

About the author

Low Lai Chow travels light and is working on exercising demons from her past. Find out more about her at lowlaichow.com.

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