by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Saturday 28 July 2012

Stencils, tags, paste-ups, and vibrant strokes sprayed intensely across underground walls are a common city scene. Graffiti is the epitome of urban art and culture. It is not, however, what one would expect on a proper bottle of wine. That’s where South Australia’s Longview Vineyard comes into the picture.

A sprawling vineyard in Adelaide Hills, Longview set out to defy convention around wine events, offering instead a bold and energetic mash-up of food, wine, and street art. Entitled the “Krush Klinic,” the annual event brings together four leading Australian artists who compete for a chance to have their work featured onLongview’s “The Piece” Shiraz. Amidst the sprawling green rows of grapes and vines, each artist provides his or her interpretation of the vineyard, turning white walls into stunning murals as guests look on while eating, drinking, and dancing away. Winning this year’s prize was Sydney-based artist,Beastman, who’s work will be featured on the limited release The Piece series, encased in a spray-paint can of course. Now tag that.