Featured Image for Animal: The Other Side of Evolution by Ana Rajcevic

Animal: The Other Side of Evolution by Ana Rajcevic

Ever wondered what it’d be like to lug around a set of antlers? Just in case you have, Ana Rajcevic’s collection of 8 personal adornments gives you every opportunity to figure it out for yourself. Rajcevic has done the hard yards and pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional jewellery/accessories design to create a handcrafted ‘new breed’ of precious objects; giving life to her visual interpretation of animal anatomy, stretching concepts of evolution and developing a cross-image of human and animal, these pieces are designed to appear as natural extensions of the human body.

Working from existing skeleton structures, the goal was to fabricate adornments that would be considered fashion artefacts, not to be specifically categorised as jewellery or accessories. With some gelcoat, fibreglass, resin and silicone rubber, seems these creations have done just that. Rajcevic’s stride outside the square has been her best move yet, claiming her bragging rights as winner of the MA Design Awards 2012, London College of Fashion.

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