Featured Image for North End of the World: a book by Dave Hunsaker

North End of the World: a book by Dave Hunsaker

Other than reading the classics adapted to comic books – you know the ones, where Romeo jumps from a rooftop with flaming sword into Juliette’s mandroid-guarded sleep chamber – the odds of finding much in graphic novels that could be considered anything other than ‘sordid’ is pretty slim (not impossible, just slim). Acclaimed visual and graphic artist, Christopher Shy, and biographer, Dave Hunsaker, have taken a piece of little-known history and conjured it into a magnificent piece of work. North End of the World tells the mysterious story of Edward Curtis, the man who, in 1914, sailed to make a ground-breaking silent film called, In the Land of the Head Hunters, about the lives and tales of the Kwakwaka’wakw Indians in British Columbia. Combining history with mystery, the book might claim itself to be the first legitimate piece of literature told in pictures.

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