by Kevin T. Stein in New Art on Thursday 19 July 2012

Chicago used to be well-known for its many small theaters, which offered almost week-long incursions into the arts. But things change, and so does the city. In this case, Gallery Narcisse has transformed (and transported) from one part of the city to another, becoming Gallery Provocateur, voted Best Little Gallery in Chicago 2012. Provocateur, difficult to spell but easy to find, is the heart-child of founder, artist muse, and animal rights activist, Veronika, whom you may also have seen in a Playboy feature. Gallery Provocateur’s shows tend toward the erotic. The artists are top-notch, are often available to speak with at the various gallery openings, and the work is always ready for you to take home. Upcoming show: Pulp Art Tribute Exhibition. Bring your moll and wear a fedora.