by The Urban Grocer in New Products on Wednesday 18 July 2012

It’s official. The Italians have taken their love for espresso to a whole new level. Thanks to quintessentially Italian carmaker, Fiat, as of October you can freshly brew your own robust espresso in your car. Replacing the humble cup holder in between the driver and passenger seats, the Fiat 500L will boast a completely integrated Lavazza espresso maker. Fill the contraption with water, insert a Lavazza pod, and out comes fresh, Italian espresso.

It’s fair to say reaction to Fiat’s latest option has been mixed. For one, there’s concern over adding yet another distraction for the diver, as if texting while speeding down the Autostrade weren’t enough. Meanwhile, Americans seem to be flashing back to the infamous McDonalds-coffee-burn-on-the-leg incident. But Fiat has responded saying that the Lavazza machine is locked into the docking station, it will only work when the car is stopped, and that the Italians consume a lot less coffee per cup. ‘It’s espresso, it’s very tiny,’ rebutted Fiat.