Pull Out Slow: a new music video by Wizard Oz

Around the time we recorded our new album, Flashing Lights, I was teaching some classes on Gestalt psychology. I got thinking about the nature of patterns and how we often form meaningful relationships of patterns or sequence out of unrelated visual stimuli. I then painted random coloured dots on about 300 pieces of paper. Fellow band member Richie then randomised the presentation of these images and made them glow and flash. As I watch the video, it’s cool to see these patterns emerge from this combination of random elements.

INVITE: 6 Aussie artists will turn Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery into a giant canvas for a night!

We've assembled a group of talented young creatives and armed them each with a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Surface Book on which to create an original piece of art. The big reveal of these works will take place on December 10 at an immersive event at Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery. If you want to come along, let us know why here.