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NetworkAwesome: take a telly trip down memory lane

Lo-fi television used to be all sorts of entertaining, even in monochrome. With today’s LCD, LED, and even 3D screens hullabaloo, television should be more fun, right? But as they say, nothing compares to oldies but goodies. NetworkAwesome, founded by Jason Forrest and Greg Sadetsky, is a super cool website which takes us to a telly-fic trip down memory lane. From old school TV series like Jem and the Holograms, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and The Muppet Show, to hard-to-find films and special tributes like Electronic Music Week, Godzilla Day, and Warhol Weekend, NetworkAwesome is a cult and classic haven for all enthusiasts of analogue and vintage nostalgia.

About the author

Erin a marveller of non-sequitur writing, cinematic films, and analogue photography. She writes for fun, money, and thrill. She has a soft spot for cats, tattooed men, and tattooed men who likes cats. Follow her on Twitter at @basterda.

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