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Grilled Cheesus: holier than Swiss

It was a spring day in 2008. My sister and I spent the morning lurking around cheese shops in Los Angeles, hoping to get an insider-tip on where the magic was happening. A few twists through Griffith Park later and we were there: the Grilled Cheese Invitational. We screamed, we voted, we pushed our way through to free grilled cheese. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

So I was only all too happy that the miraculous grilled cheese has finally met its maker. Introducing Grilled Cheesus. From two clever kids in Brooklyn – one of whom stole our heart in a pickle eating contest – comes this Panini-like press that pledges a texturally divine sandwich emblazoned with the image of Jesus. Whether it’s rye and cheddar, American and white bread, or Nutella and cinnamon toast (mmmm), Grilled Cheesus promises a perfectly toasted, heavenly creation. Hallelujah. Tell us what your favorite grilled cheese sandwich is on Facebook and you’ll be automatically entered to win a free Grilled Cheesus. Better yet, everyone who enters gets access to a special promotion for 15% off your own Grilled Cheesus purchase.

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Caitlin spends her days scouring the globe for the world’s coolest food finds. She is the founder of online food pop-culture mag, The Urban Grocer, and is a food writer, blogger, producer, television presenter and supper club chef. She lives between Europe and NY with her husband and their dog, Taco.

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