Featured Image for Bizarre candle fragrances that appeal to ‘real’ men

Bizarre candle fragrances that appeal to ‘real’ men

Avid Seinfeld viewers would be familiar with the episode where Kramer whips up the crazy idea to manufacture a cologne that makes people smell exactly like they had just spent the day at the beach. Calvin Klein went on to steal the idea off him, aptly titling the scent, Ocean. The point of my TV comedy throwback is that this ‘man candles range‘, by Yankee Candles remind me of Kramer’s nose for capturing particular aromas. The Riding Mower candle will have your home smelling like you just cut the grass in no time. And Game Down brings up a feeling reminiscent of phsyically being at the real game. For $18 each, you can enjoy burning up to 150 hours of fragrance.

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