by The Urban Grocer in New Products on Wednesday 13 June 2012

Food plus fashion is not new to us. From wedding dresses made of wedding cake, to eggplant espadrilles, to a beef jerky handbag, it seems like we’ve seen it all. And then, came this: a dress grown from a bottle of wine. 

Yup, you’ve read right. A dress grown from wine. Essentially, it is created through a process whereby the wine turns to vinegar creating a by-product that can only be described as a ‘slimy, rubbery, skin-like substance’. It’s thanks to researchers at the University of Western Australia that this seamless clothing from wine discovery came about. Some downsides are that you’ll smell like red wine, it feels like “sludge,” and of course, you’re wearing cellulose. We can definitely file this one under the foodie WTF category.