DJ Kutmah curates a volume of the Worldwide Family series

Illustrator and dublab DJ, Justin McNulty, aka Kutmah, was recently deported from his homeland of the United States to Great Britain. His Scottish father and Egyptian mother moved to the US when Kutmah was 12, but their son was never naturalized. So after keeping Kutmah in detention for more than two months in 2010, US immigration authorities sent him back ‘home’ to England, even though Kutmah considers himself a Los Angeles native.

While he isn’t allowed re-entry to the United States, Kutmah hasn’t let his experience affect his work. At least, not for the worse. For the second volume of the Worldwide Family series on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, Kutmah has curated an intense compilation album featuring artful beats from his friends and fellow music-makers. Flying Lotus, the Darkhorsemen, and Gaby Hernandez are just a few who are part of Kutmah’s worldwide family. Together, it’s a profound mix with a rare perspective from a man whose statelessness continues to facilitate cultural globalization.

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