by The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Friday 8 June 2012

Accidentally falling upon extraordinary restaurants is, for me, a bit like finding money in an old jacket pocket. Unexpected but completely welcomed. Such was the case at Restaurant Greulich, an unassuming yet delicious find tucked away in a Zurich hotel of the same name. This boutique space, itself hidden in a residential neighborhood, boasts a striking garden of birch trees and clean, contemporary lines, all which speak to quintessential Swiss minimalism.

And the food? The food is a complex dance of flavors that seem to harmoniously come together in completely unexpected ways. The concept is based on sharing a number of small plates, but this isn’t the stuff that tapas are made of. Here, delicious little portions of creative dishes based in seasonal flavors are passed around the table, allowing diners to explore and taste as much as possible. Three ingredients listed on the menu give a hint to the dish – say green onion risotto, cashew, apple, or shrimp, cucumber, green curry. It’s only a hint. What arrives on your plate is a playful and imaginative interpretation of what was seemingly simple. And here too, Swiss minimalism strikes again.