Shapeways: turn your designs into reality via 3D printing

As if there wasn’t already enough nonsense online for me to fritter my hard-earned cash away on! Now I’ve stumbled across Shapeways and, frankly, I doubt I’ll be able to hold off a purchase for much longer. Shapeways is the place to turn designs into reality.

It’s a great little start-up from New York that utilises 3D printing to help you make, buy, and sell anything you want: from a highly accurate replica movie prop, to a nostalgia baiting blast from your gaming past , to an iPhone case made from your favourite song on Soundcloud, to the just plain weird, pretty much anything goes as long as you can tool out the design on some kind of 3D software. If you can then Shapeways can take the design and turn around a product for you (in a variety of materials) in just under three weeks. If not, then just peruse through the multitudes of designs already created.