YORK: a new photobook by Jenny Mortsell

I recently did a photobook. It is called YORK and is released on Nille Svensson’s newly started art book label, Nilleditions. First it was going to be called SWE YORK and be about the differences between Sweden and New York, a topic my Swedish fellows and I just can’t help bringing up at every social gathering. But I grew so tired of having that conversation, so we skipped the SWE.

Recently, I was at my boyfriends parents’ house and my potential mother-in-law sat down and went through all 750 pages while I was sitting next to her, sweating and blushing and nervously coughing. The book is basically a photo diary, or a time document if you will, of my first three years in New York, with all the heavy partying and lazy days that ensued. To put it this way, it doesn’t really make me look like a girl you’d like to date your son. But I think you’d might find it interesting. You can watch me flip through it with badly manicured nails here.

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