Featured Image for Italian twill silk scarves by Misha Milovanovich

Italian twill silk scarves by Misha Milovanovich

These Italian twill silk scarves are part of a limited-edition run by London based visual artist Misha Milovanovich. Misha cites travel, 60s prints, Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, Pop Art, Jazz music and New York as her inspiration, and claims to ‘spin, rhyme, mix and scratch her colours and patterns like a Voodoo Hip Hop artist on substances known to alter cognition and perception’. Accompanying artist babble aside, the scarfs are pretty great.

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Staying true to her expatriate upbringing, Bridget splits her time between Hong Kong, London and the surf town of Noosa on Australia’s East coast. She runs jewellery label, Barnett, with older sister and fashion illustrator, Kate.

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