Instagram Socialmatic Camera

It had to happen sooner or later. Italian-based ADR Studio have created a prototype for the world’s first Instagram photo camera, armed with a duffle bag worth of features, including 16 GB mass storage; Wifi and Bluetooth; an Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real; and paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets. Genius! Well, at least, we think so. They’re currently looking for Indiegogo funding to make it all happen on a far bigger scale.

INVITE: 6 Aussie artists will turn Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery into a giant canvas for a night!

We've assembled a group of talented young creatives and armed them each with a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Surface Book on which to create an original piece of art. The big reveal of these works will take place on December 10 at an immersive event at Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery. If you want to come along, let us know why here.