JR wheatpastes massive portraits on the walls of Havana

JR, an artist whose workspace has been described as ‘the biggest gallery in the world‘, has developed one of the most distinctive personas in the contemporary art world. Emotive, sincere and universal, JR uses portraiture to bring real faces and stories onto the surface of the world’s most volatile and misunderstood corners.

Following his campaign to unearth the personalities suffering from poverty in Indian shanty towns, to the gorgeously executed attempt to familiarize assumed enemies with their humorous neighbors along the Israel and Palestinian border, JR’s current work in Havana, Cuba, marks the continuation of his project which was awarded the TED creative grant last year. Do as JR does, pick up your photobox and roam!

Street art by JR (1)
Street art by JR (2)
Street art by JR (4)