G&T’s Really Really Nice Place in Amsterdam

What’s the difference between a ‘nice’ place, and a ‘really really nice place‘? Well, in the case of brunch, it’s the little touches. Amsterdam used to be a one horse town when it came to anything remotely akin to brunch standards, so it’s no wonder the locals literally hollered Hallelujah when G&T’s Really Really Nice Place opened their doors. 

This hybrid bar and café nook in the laneway maze of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighbourhood serves distinguished interpretations of the classic brunch options with a little bit of old-world panache. Your bow tie adorned waiter could serve up a sweet little vintage plate carrying eggs on artisanal English muffins or crumpets. Maybe you passed on the Challah bread French toast with banana and cinnamon sugar and went for the healthy but lush Ibiza Salad (inspired by the preferred holiday destination of the BFF owners). Slurp down a Bloody Caesar (that’s a Canadian Bloody Mary made with a hybrid Clam and Tomato juice) in a pepper rimmed tumbler or a spiked milkshake (your milkshake flavour, your choice of booze) under the soft glow of a chandelier. And that, my friends, is what you call a stylish weekend kickstart.

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