Featured Image for Crossing the Divide: a solo art show by Jenn Porreca

Crossing the Divide: a solo art show by Jenn Porreca

My first solo show, Crossing the Divide, spans two years of art making in the depths of my San Francisco studio without deadlines, diversions or outside influences. In this body of work, I continue to explore the creative urge to perform, and paint the lives of artists and musicians I’m surrounded by in the Bay Area. 

This work is a futuristic, yet old world. Aesthetically, my art feature a developed flat and folk-influenced style, with muddied hues, while contextually, I’ve been pushing to pay homage to my roots in Europe and Southeast Asia. Silhouettes continue to be an ongoing fascination of mine, and in a few pieces in this show, you will see hints of work to come.

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