Featured Image for When Lenny Kravitz returned to Australia in March

When Lenny Kravitz returned to Australia in March

We predict that the Lenny Kravtiz story will eventually be told as a description of how the fountain of youth was tapped, sealed, and piped hot into every home. Lenny’s return to Australia in March for the first time in 18 years showed us a forever young rocker, still full of energy, voice, and love. So much love.

If there’s anything you’re going to get from Lenny, it’s love for your fellow man. The man’s heart bleeds through his lyrics as his guitar kicks out the hits. His Let Love Rule finale was a 20 minute epic as Lenny jogged around to hug practically every audience member. When we’re his age, after a rocker lifestyle, we just hope we can still remember our middle-names.

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