Featured Image for Sonic Masala: a music blog unearthing unheard of gems

Sonic Masala: a music blog unearthing unheard of gems

Want a middleman to seek out all the music you never have time to take the time risk to randomly click and listen for yourself on Youtube? I found one. Sonic Masala is a music blog born in the heart of London. Two music loving drunks decided over an early morning curry that they spend so much time talking about music, it was time to write about it, then share it. So they did. I love it.

I’m not a new music risk taker. Outside of the odd random find, I only listen to new stuff on recommendation. One half of Sonic Masala, writer Brendan Telford, has recently moved to Brisbane (my home town), so its especially a treat to find so much local music amongst the global finds. Sonic doesn’t pastel things down, or over-hype bands. But they continue to prompt me to listen to music I would never have found.

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