Entirely reusable art work by Sam Lee

French Lavoirs are beautiful old-fashioned laundrettes and this is one of my favourites. Water continually runs through, so it adds to the atmosphere. The art work is made up of constructed wrapped sculptures inspired by insects and originally started life as photos of discarded plastic. Plastic is truly the material of our age, so I wanted to make something that reflected ideas about natural and so-called unnatural substances. These are entirely re-usable art works.

Come work with us!

We’re looking for a recent graduate with 2-3 years digital writing and/or editing experience to work on a fast growing Australian tech site with a focus on ‘curious millennials’. Must be an early adopter, social media junkie, and have a keen eye for trending content. Outrageous ping pong skills a bonus. If this is you, and you’d like to work out of our dynamic office space in Sydney’s Surry Hills, tell us why we should hire you.