Featured Image for The Tutu Project: using photos to fight breast cancer

The Tutu Project: using photos to fight breast cancer

At first glance, Bob Carey appears crazy. Clad in little more than a tutu and a pair of pink gym shorts (so as to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure), Carey has spent the last nine years photographing himself in various locations around the world.

According to Carey, the project began as a lark, but evolved into something much more when his wife, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. The photos and the process of making them became a way for both Carey and his wife to laugh in the face of their own fear and anxiety. Now their laughter is giving hope to others. Carey is selling signed photographs and taking pre-orders for a book of pictures to be published this Fall. A poignant and loving portrait of love, humility and human spirit, all proceeds from The Tutu Project go to organizations fighting breast cancer.

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