New mixtape of cover songs from Bastille

I’m in the middle of making our album and started to get a bit worried about how long it had been since we had released something. Mark, the guy who I’m making the album with, had always wanted to make a mixtape, so we decided to do an album of covers. I had done a cover of City High’s What Would You Do? at the end of last year and it got a good response. I’d also been listening to The Weeknd and Frank Ocean a lot, and we wanted to put out something that was as easy to get hold of — and hopefully somewhere near as good — as their mixtapes.

I wanted to make something that reflected loads of the films I love, and use those films along with bits of my own songs to frame a series of covers. We wanted to create one half-hour piece of music that wanders through different moods and genres via a bunch of references and songs that people might not expect to hear. We took a week off making the album and brought in a bunch of friends and people that we’ve worked with, including an awesome rapper from South Chicago called F.Stokes, to play on some of the tracks. We also asked people on Facebook to suggest a song to round off the mixtape. Ultimately, we wanted to make something entirely self-contained that allowed us to try out ideas that we might not use on the Bastille album. It was really nice working on something where the pressure was off because the songs weren’t mine.

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