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Love TV: a series of public interviews about LOVE

Are you in love at the moment? This question often warrants a complicated response because, well, love is more than a four letter word. Brisbane-based artist, Rebecca McIntosh, has invested a large part of her life asking this question in the name of public art. Love TV sees McIntosh dressed as the goddess of love, Aphrodite, conducting a series of interviews with musicians, artists, celebrities, actors, local heroes, and, of course, the public.

It is through these intimate and awkwardly fascinating conversations with guests such as funny man Noel Feilding, musician Katie Noonan, actor Rutger Hauer, and media personality John Safran, amongst others, that McIntosh has been able to crack open the heart of the people and the places that she and Aphrodite visit.

Conversations from inside her bright pink, TV-shaped mobile theatre are blasted onto public screens so that the general public can join the conversation, as well as find out whether Noel is single. He’s not, sadly. Love TV hits Brisbane’s iconic postcode 4101 this month before hitting New York for the Summer.

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