Featured Image for Greenbutts: Biodegradable cigarette butts that grow flowers

Greenbutts: Biodegradable cigarette butts that grow flowers

Greenbutts are biodegradable cigarette filters that would break down quickly in the natural environment. The manufacturers of Greenbutts use organic flax, cotton and de-gummed hemp as opposed to acetate cellulose (plastic) and dangerous glues found in standard cigarette butts that take 10-14 years to break down. This also means redefined all-natural tobacco taste. Greenbutts also boast the capability of housing small seeds that could sprout grass and even wildflowers upon decomposition. There are roughly 4.5 trillion cigarette butts improperly disposed of every year. How about 4.5 trillion flowers instead? This splendid invention does not make littering okay, but it does make it more friendly on the environment.

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