1929 silent documentary film by director Dziga Vertov

Man with a Movie Camera is an experimental 1929 silent documentary film that I find quite inspiring. It was created by Russian director Dziga Vertov. It features scenes of urban life in Odessa and other Soviet cities. What’s not typical for a silent movie of that time is that it contains neither story, nor specific actors. The film is famous for the range of cinematic techniques Vertov invents, deploys or develops: such as double exposure, fast motion, slow motion, freeze frames, jump cuts, split screens, Dutch angles, extreme close-ups, tracking shots, footage played backwards, and so on. Vertov certainly was way ahead of his time.

About the author

Nini is a self-proclaimed Social Media Whore, living and working in Germany. Her main profession lies in the conventional corporate media world, but she’s certainly come around, having worked for several online music mags, with a number of photographers, and for record labels such as the iconic LA-based Southern Lord Records.

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