Featured Image for Rogelio Manzo’s Ghostly Personas

Rogelio Manzo’s Ghostly Personas

Northern Californian Rogelio Manzo’s translucent images see through the people he creates. Brushstrokes show ghostly movement while the paint simultaneously disfigures the images. Each layer, like years in time, leaves an indelible mark on the visage of that persona. This layering and slow, meaty disintegration, speaks to a commonality of humankind. The images are futuristic yet past tense and conjure a modern day Dorian Gray. We are given a glimpse of the future. In it, an undeniable beauty of the decay.
Rogelio Manzo portrait art (2)
Rogelio Manzo portrait art (3)
Rogelio Manzo portrait art (4)
Rogelio Manzo portrait art (5)

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