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Dysfunctional Families stickers

If you’re a driver or passenger, it’s getting that way that probably one in ten cars you pass have a ‘my family tribe’ (or whatever they’re called) sticker plastered on the driver’s rear windscreen. Seeing them daily now, I’m beginning to wonder why is it that these are becoming so popular and a social phenomena. A lot of opinions are out there on whether they’re liked or disliked, but opinion’s are one thing. I prefer to show some action. Hence, I decided to design my own range of Dysfunctional Families stickers.

Motivated by the experience of sitting in traffic and viewing the same old ‘family sticker range’, which was not really offering much in the way of imagination, this is the antithesis of this paradigm, with a bit of fun thrown in. The stickers tell a story about our culture and our families. They’re tongue in cheek, light-hearted and not to be taken too seriously. I’m trying to add more each week and am having a heap of fun designing them.
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