Featured Image for Please Don’t Tell: a secret bar in New York

Please Don’t Tell: a secret bar in New York

Have you ever wished there was a unique place where you could take a date or a friend to really knock their socks off? Do you dream of clandestine, candle-lit whisperings over expertly crafted cocktails? If so, then I have just the place for you, but you can’t tell anyone about it. Seriously. Please Don’t Tell. You won’t find it just wandering down the street. You can’t just walk in there. To get into this exclusive speakeasy, I recommend you dress to the nines and prepare to be screened.

How would you find this place? Let’s say you’re walking down St Mark’s, in the East Village, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, one fine evening. You might stop into an inconspicuous little restaurant by the name of Crif Dogs. I hear they have a really great hot dog there and you might even try one, but you’re not going there for the food. Once you step inside, you’ll notice a phone booth to your left. You and your friend should step inside and pick up the phone, which may lead to your gaining admittance. You didn’t hear any of this from me, though.

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