Featured Image for Sam Wallman’s comic book Being Born is Going Blind

Sam Wallman’s comic book Being Born is Going Blind

Sam Wallman has recently released his second art/comic book, Being Born is Going Blind. Young and prolific like every forward thinking creative these days, Wallman’s work is jammed full of witty observations, societal critique and chilling world truths. At times his dense line work and blatant opinions can be overwhelming, but after taking a minute to absorb his undeniably considered and coy morals you can’t turn back.

This dude is damn smart. And if I could choose one individual to lead the world to a more environmentally friendly, loving and sustainable future, it would be Sam. Don’t mistake realistic observations for cynicism. It’s time we looked at the world with Wallman’s crystal clear glasses, and it’s time we recognized and rectified our human mistakes. Plus, you know, his drawings effin rock.

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