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Cheeky R and X Rated Playing Cards

In 2008, graphic designer Becky Edgington and illustrator Sarah Beetson created two limited-edition packs of playing cards featuring images from Beetson’s exhibition, 50 Bucks: Bring On The Sluts. The images were selected from almost 500 small artworks created on moleskine paper, inspired by vintage pornography and a trip to Japan.

Pepsicola donated a vending machine which Beetson customized with illustrations and adjusted to vend the artworks in a Pepsi bottle at $50 a pop. The exhibition was a great success, touring Melbourne, London, Portland and New York, and by the time the exhibition run was over all of the original playing cards were sold.

Ever since then, people have been requesting new packs of the cards. With respect to the original limited run and the wonderful people who bought those first packs, Edgington and Beetson have created two all new packs showcasing a selection of the 437 other ‘Sluts’.

The two packs are “R” and “X” Rated: R is naughty, but a bit demure; X is the right choice if you’re looking looking for nudey boys, and generally ruder girls. Each pack is printed on delicious coated heavyweight matte stock, but the best feature is that every single card contains a different illustration (or ‘Slut’). These are a great way to unbalance your poker opponent, or add a cheeky sparkle to any cards evening. Both decks are available in the Lost At E Minor store

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