Featured Image for BBC Radio tells the bizarre back story of The Shaggs

BBC Radio tells the bizarre back story of The Shaggs

BBC Radio 4’s Jon Ronson On is compulsive listening and here he sheds light on the bizarre back story of The Shaggs. It’s a bizarre tale of a 1960s girl group who were forced to rehearse by their overbearing father. They were secluded from society, home schooled, and music was banned in the home. The result is what music sounds like when made by those who have heard practically no music in their entire lives. It’s a weird and fascinating cacophony, ironically now considered by some to be music at it’s purest form. Kurt Cobain listed their album Philosophy of the World as his number 5 favourite album of all time and Frank Zappa described them as being better than The Beatles. [Listen to the Shaggs story here]

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