Featured Image for Ambivalence of capitalist criticism shot on a lomo

Ambivalence of capitalist criticism shot on a lomo

One of the most pronounced political topics in the past few months has been the economic crisis, and with it, the rising of a new capitalist criticism movement. A photo that highlights the subject perfectly is this shot taken by Gavin Hammond, a lomo photographer from London.

What’s most striking about this old-school analog photo of a recent scene between demonstrators and bankera is that the protestors in this photo look rather relaxed, whereas the guy ‘from the establishment’ appears to be most aggravated. One would expect it to be the other way around.

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Nini is a self-proclaimed Social Media Whore, living and working in Germany. Her main profession lies in the conventional corporate media world, but she’s certainly come around, having worked for several online music mags, with a number of photographers, and for record labels such as the iconic LA-based Southern Lord Records.

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