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In Praise of Shadows

Earlier this year I began a blog as a day to day document of my time designing and working with wood. The photographs that I use for the blog are all recurring subjects: wood, studio, light.

But for me, it never gets boring. I keep a camera with me in the studio, and when I see something beautiful, when the light strikes the tools or the wood just right, I try to capture it. I believe people are attracted to the site because it is a glimpse into a vanishing art, or they enjoy the simplicity of it all. For me, the blog is a document of progress and the beauty of everyday life.

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Recorded a cool, fun, funny, or inspiring video (or even better, all of the above!) that you'd love to have more people see? Well, we'd like to see it. And if we dig it, we'll turn it into a Found At E Minor (FAEM) video for our Facebook audience to enjoy. Check out this awesome recent example and submit your videos here!