Incredible faux yoga by French breakdancer Arthur Cadre

I would like to categorically disagree with anyone who says that yoga is reserved solely for the wheatgrass binging, chakra cleansing and crystal gazing. In fact, it’s possible that it has just found a new niche audience – Breakdancers.

After watching this video, the correlation seems explicitly logical and obvious. French breakdancer Arthur Cadre took his loose long limbs to an abandoned space and was filmed by director Alex Yde doing a standard rehearsal complete with seamlessly blended yoga-esque contortions and freezes. The montage titled Break ton Neck (Break your Neck in French) has him twisting, tumbling and pivoting to the tune of Sail by American group Awolnation and has created quite the stir.

There’s no confirmation that Cadre is into yoga at all but his choreography has raised the question more than once on comment boards across the web. Yes, folks, it’s the dawning of a new age where beats meet Bikram and only time will tell if we can expect to see an influx of B-boys arriving at Ashrams all over the world.

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