Featured Image for Mould Map: a collection of one-page sci-fi vignettes

Mould Map: a collection of one-page sci-fi vignettes

This handsome oversized collection of one-page sci-fi vignettes from London’s Landfill Editions is classy as fuck and a joy to behold: printed in vibrant orange and blue. My favorite inclusions come from C.F. (POWR MASTRS) and Dave “Lando” Lander, whose Untranslated series — illustrated in a scratchy, Moebius-y style, and laced with Jodorowsky-esque psychedelic vibes — is well worth exploring. All the dialog is redundant, written in an alien language (that Lander no doubt devised an entire etymology for regardless), and the emphasis is placed squarely on the considerable strength of his visual storytelling.

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