Featured Image for Beautiful collage art by CARO.MA

Beautiful collage art by CARO.MA

I have always had a thing for beautiful collage art. I just like how two or more different motifs can form together something completely new that stands for itself. CARO.MA seems to be an expert in fusing interesting different elements – her tumblr at least indicates so as it is full of little treasures. I am very tempted to buy all of her postcards and plaster my kitchen with them.
Caro M7 art (2)
Caro M7 art (3)
Caro M7 art (4)
Caro M7 art (5)
Caro M7 art (6)

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Nini is a self-proclaimed Social Media Whore, living and working in Germany. Her main profession lies in the conventional corporate media world, but she’s certainly come around, having worked for several online music mags, with a number of photographers, and for record labels such as the iconic LA-based Southern Lord Records.

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