Featured Image for MYO Swimwear: luxury brand of men’s resort wear

MYO Swimwear: luxury brand of men’s resort wear

We’re not usually into labels that tell us that they’re designed to be worn ‘at the most exclusive beaches and hotspots of the summer’ but Myo are based in Como, Italy, so we’ll excuse them. Started earlier this year by brothers David and William Fattal, Myo is a new luxury brand of men’s resort wear that wouldn’t look out of place on Jude Law’s character in The Talented Mr Ripley.

These shorts are made for guys who don’t just wear boat shoes because they’re cool and hipster. They’re made for guys who wear boat shoes because at any given time they might be on a boat and goddamn it those decks can be slippery.
The ace of spades, footprints and harpoon gun motifs are not printed onto the board shorts and are instead woven into the Italian Jacquard fabric, making them super soft and super exxy. So if you’ve got some sweet cash money to spare, we suggest you pop your boat shoes on and go find yourself an exclusive beach.
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