Featured Image for Pinky M. M. Bass: a pioneer of pinhole photography

Pinky M. M. Bass: a pioneer of pinhole photography

Pinky M. M. Bass is a pioneer of pinhole photography. Her images are beautiful yet arcane. Pinky M. M. Bass creates images that make me feel as if I am viewing an alternate earth, one that exists just beyond my fingertips, and if I turn my head quickly enough, I might just catch a glimpse of this strange world.

Alas, it is a world that only Pinky M. M. Bass may witness. We are fortunate that she brings us tokens of her encounters. Pinky M. M. Bass’ recent work incorporates embroidery with photography as she explores the interior of the human body. Possibly the most important photographer of our time.
Pinky M M Bass art and photography (2)
Pinky M M Bass art and photography (3)

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